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Santa Claus vs The Grinch 12/22

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The Airsoft Factory Presents…
Santa vs The Grinch
Saturday December 22, 2012 from 1pm-10pm EST

The Airsoft Factory. 5W Chimney Rock Road. Bridgewater NJ

Registration Fee:
$35 Game Day Rate Incudes Lunch & Prize Raffle Ticket


Santa Claus is a figure in North American culture who bring gifts to the homes of good children during the late evening and overnight hours of Christmas Eve. Although this has long been established to be a children’s story, the reality goes much deeper…

The American government has long protected Santa Claus and his small battalion of elves and reindeer in a fort located in the North Pole, creating toys for the children of the world, as well as weapons for our armed forces, thus establishing strong assets for the U.S economy.

But every strong asset to the United States is at risk. One night, a terrorist sleeper cell led by The Grinch infiltrated Santa Claus’ North Pole fortress and has held Santa and his associates hostage. In addition, The Grinch has sent the President of the United States a ransom for one trillion dollars or Santa was to be executed live over the internet.

The United States doesn’t bargain with terrorists, so the President had the Secretary of Defense send a special task force to rescue Santa Claus and neutralize the Grinch terror threat. This op is a recreation of the epic North Pole conflict that was doomed into obscurity…until now.

Weapons Requirements:
FPS Limits=400 FPG with .20g BBs

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