Airsoft Factory Rules



1. GOGGLES AND FULL FACE MASKS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES WHILE IN THE PLAY AREA AND TARGET RANGE. At no time during the game will a player be allowed to break the seal of the goggle from around their eyes. Only goggles / eyewear that meet the following requirements will be allowed:

The impact standard for goggles is ANSI z.87.1.

They must fully encompass the eyes, with no gaps.

They must be fitted with a head strap to keep them from falling off during a game.

The lens frame must be sturdy enough to keep the lens in place during play.

In addition, all players will be required to wear full face masks covering the mouth, ears, and nose areas. Paintball masks may have the cheek areas cut away to allow the proper shouldering of long arms, as long as all openings in the head are fully covered by the remainder of the mask. Cloth coverings such as balaclavas, scarve, shemeaghs, etc., will be considered adequate face protection for this indoor CQB arena. Rental masks will be available onsite.

2. BARREL BLOCKING DEVICES ARE REQUIRED. Barrel blocking devices such as the red barrel caps that come with most AEGs, paintball approved barrel socks/condoms, or holsters for sidearms are required to be secured over player’s gun barrels at all times. The only exception is at the target range or within the playing area after a game starts. Violators will be asked to leave the building with no refund issued.

3. ALL GUNS MUST BE MAGAZINE FREE OUTSIDE THE PLAY AREA. All handheld or slung guns must be loading magazine free (“Mag Free”) in the staging area. Sidearms are not required to be mag free as long as they are holstered. When leaving the play area, a player must remove the magazine from his gun, fire 2-3 clearing shots in a safe direction, and cap his gun barrel with his barrel blocking device before proceeding to the staging area.

4. ALL GUNS MUST BE SAFELY TRANSPORTED. All guests must transport their guns in a safe manner to and from Gf Airsoft Arena. Specifically, a gun must be carried in a soft or hard shell case suitable for real firearms, or within its original factory shipping box, until you are in the staging area inside the field.

5. FPS LIMIT WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. All guns must be chronographed prior to game time. Players may also be chosen at random for handheld chronograph spot-checks.
FPS Limit for all guns: 350 FPS w/ .20 gram BBs Semi &  350 FPS w/ .20g Full Auto. We will only play full auto when everyone agrees!

All guns will be chronographed prior to the beginning of the game using .20 gram BBs. You will be given 2 attempts, consisting of no more than 3 shots each, in which to chronograph at the appropriate FPS. If your gun is unable to chronograph legal after 2 attempts, you will not be able to use that weapon in the game. Once your gun passes the chronograph test, it will have a colored zip tie attached to it. No weapons without zip ties will be allowed in the play area. All guns are subject to a chronograph test at any time deemed necessary by the Event Organizer or referees. Any modifications made to your gun after being chronographed found to increase your FPS will result in your immediate and permanent removal from the game. No refunds will be issued.

6. 6mm PLASTIC OR BIODEGRADABLE BBs ONLY. Metal BBs are not allowed. Once your gun has been chronographed, you may choose to fire .20 gram or .25 gram 6mm BBs during the game. .20 gram and .25 gram BBs will be available for purchase in the staging area before and during the game. BBs heavier than .25 grams are not allowed.

7. SHOOTING SAFETY. Players may only discharge their weapons at the target range or within the play area. No shooting into or out of the staging area. NO BLIND SHOOTING – players must be able to see what they are shooting at. Players may never shoot at another player who is closer than the minimum engagement distance of 10 feet. If an opponent is closer than 10 feet away, a player should shout “BANG!” in order to notify the opponent he/she has been eliminated at extreme close range. You must have an open line of sight to perform a “bang” kill – a “bang” kill may not be performed through a barrier or through netting. While head shots count, players are asked not to intentionally target another player’s head. Full automatic fire may be allowed during particular scenarios at the discretion of the Event Organizer.

8. KNIFE KILLS. Players are allowed to bring rubber knives for use in silent eliminations. To eliminate a player from behind with a knife, lay the knife on the player’s shoulder where he or she can see it with a head turn, and whisper “KNIFE!” A knifed player is immediately eliminated the moment the knife touches their shoulder, and may not cry out or do anything but collapse to the ground. If two or more players face off against each other with drawn knives, both are considered to have stabbed each other and both are eliminated automatically. NO PUNCHING, GRAPPLING, BLOCKING OR ANY OTHER PHYSICAL CONTACT OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED!

9. MOVEMENT. Players may not construct anything that will hinder the movement of or cause injury to other players. Players may not alter or move any non-prop features or barriers in the play area. Players may never climb onto or under features. Players may shoot through any opening in a wall, but may only pass through doorways – climbing through windows or holes in walls is prohibited. Do not charge blindly into a space or around an object, as the area may already be occupied. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL NOT TO STEP ON ELIMINATED PLAYERS!

A player may leave a scenario at any time by calling “I’M OUT!”, raising a kill rag and their hands above their head and going to the Kill Box. All guns must be either holstered or mag-free with barrels Covers before they may be carried into the staging area.

10. NO UNAUTHORIZED EQUIPMENT. Players are not allowed to bring into the building any equipment deemed unsafe by the Event Organizer. Players in the play area are not allowed to carry real knives of any kind, metal tools of any kind, explosive or other pyrotechnic devices, real firearms, or other non-Airsoft related items. No metal cleats on shoes. BB grenades or other non-pyrotechnic explosives simulators must be individually approved by the Event Organizer before use in a game.

11. NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS ARE ALLOWED ANYWHERE ON SITE. No smoking within the building. Smoking is allowed in safe zones only outside the Factory

12. NO VERBAL ABUSE OR PHYSICAL CONTACT. No profanity, name calling, or slurs against anyone’s race, color, national origin, family members, teams or equipment will be tolerated. Guests wearing clothing with offensive wording on them will be asked to remove the garment. A player may not touch another player or their personal equipment at any time without their express permission, except to tap a shoulder during a knife kill.

13. REFEREES’ DECISIONS ARE FINAL. Any decision a referee makes is final and will not be discussed in the play area. The referee will discuss any calls in a calm manner in the staging area after the scenario is over. Players who are found by a referee to have violated any of the rules listed here will be asked by the Event Organizer to leave the game with no refund issued.

14. AGE REQUIREMENT. All players must be 8 years old or older to participate. All Players are required to have a Parental Waiver signed and dated by their parent or legal guardian. NO EXCEPTIONS.

15. ELIMINATION. A player is eliminated from play if a BB strikes any part of his/her body, from the top of the head to the tips of the fingers to the bottoms of the feet, including any of equipment or gear worn. When a player is eliminated he will call out loudly “I’M HIT!” He will immediately fall to the ground as if dead, and remain in this position until time is called on the scenario. No players are allowed to fire upon eliminated players.

Live players are not allowed to “play possum” or otherwise pretend to be dead in order to lure other live players closer. Live players are not allowed to move or reposition eliminated players.

Eliminated players are considered dead and MUST NOT talk or communicate in any way with their teammates until the scenario is over. Eliminated players are not allowed to give any equipment or supplies to any other player, but may quietly leave equipment lying where they were eliminated. Hits to a player’s gun do not eliminate a player; However, they do eliminate that weapon. The gun is unusable until it has been returned to the staging area. An eliminated player must immediately drop any game props he or she is carrying.

Airsoft is a game of HONOR & SPORTSMANSHIP. ALL players strive to exemplify fair play and call their hits, regardless of circumstance. In situations where a player isn’t sure, they should give their opponent the benefit of the doubt and simply call themselves out. You will not have to wait long to get back into another scenario if you are eliminated, so please take your hits!

Players must exercise particular caution during indoor Close Quarters Battles to not over-shoot an opponent, or fire upon an opponent within the 10-foot “no-shoot” range. Any player who, instead of using the “Bang!” call, fires upon an opponent within 10 feet will be automatically eliminated the first time by the referee whether or not their fire hit their opponent. That player will also be warned that they will be ejected from the building if they do it again. Players who are determined by the referees to be over-shooting their opponents will be warned once, then ejected from the building without refunds if they continue to over-shoot,

Cheating will not be tolerated in any form by any player. If you are caught cheating you will be ejected from the building and you will NOT get a refund. Period.

16. GAME PROPS. Game props supplied or personally approved by the Event Organizer are the only props authorized for use in the play area.

17. ROLE PLAYING & SCORING. Players may be assigned specific roles at the discretion of the Event Organizer. The scoring of each scenario will be explained by the Event Organizer before the scenario begins.

18. LOOTING. In some scenarios, eliminated players may be looted for their game money and/or game props by live players. Only game money and/or game props may be demanded by a looter, no other item or equipment may be demanded. To loot an eliminated player, an active player must move to within arm’s reach of where the eliminated player lies and say, “Looting!” If the eliminated player has any money or prop items, he or she must immediately give ALL of it to the first active player to say “Looting!” If the eliminated player has no money or props, he or she simply ignores the looter AN ACTIVE PLAYER MUST GO TO THE ELIMINATED PLAYER TO LOOT, THE ELIMINATED PLAYER DOES NOT MOVE. AT NO TIME MAY THE ELIMINATED PLAYER SPEAK OR OTHERWISE COMMUNICATE WITH AN ACTIVE PLAYER.