Law Enforcement Training

In a gunfight, there’s no second place winner…
Airsoft is the new frontier in the field of reality-based law enforcement training. Police trainers owe it to the profession and to the safety of all warriors to develop and implement the very best training methods available . Police officers must be trained in realistic, real-life situations with scenarios that elevate the stress level to simulate reality- anything less is unfair to our officers and a disservice to the profession. Airsoft technology fills the gap between static, square range based training and the reality of a dynamic armed confrontation. The technology is easy to master, low cost, and provides a realism to force-on-force training that is difficult to surpass. Force-On-Force Police Training Using Airsoft introduces police trainers to the how-to of using these weapons, the various types available, technical data, and offers sound advice on the safety aspects of reality-based training.

The Airsoft factory has many classes available by the best in Law Enforcement & Tech Ops International.

Law Enforcement Training is reserved for Law Enforcement Officials Only! For verification purposes, please provide your precinct & badge number in the message field below. Applications not providing this information will be discarded immediately!

Classes are limited on a first come-first served basis. Please fill out the contact form below to be placed in our waiting list:

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