Sighting in your Airsoft Rifle

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While it can be a simple task if done correctly, airsofters often don’t take the time or effort to properly adjust the hop-up and sight in their airsoft rifles. Just taking 15 minutes to dial in your sights can make

aiming much easier, instead of compensating before each shot.

The first step when you sight in Airsoft RifleĀ is to adjust the hop-up. Refer to the manual to find your hop-up adjustment knob and to find out which way adjusts the hop-up in what direction. Determine the range to are most likely to use your airsoft rifle, and shoot a few shots at that range. Make sure the bb color and background do not match so that you can determine the path of the bb. If the shots curving down before they reach that point, increase the hop-up slowly until the bb’s are flying straight and level. For increased range, you can also increase the hop-up slightly more so that the bb’s arc up and then down.

Now you are able to sight in your airsoft rifle properly. Be sure there is no wind when you sight in an airsoft rifle, so that your results are not affected by any wind. Sighting in airsoft rifles requires you to set up a cardboard box approximately 40′-50′ away for the first few shots, depending on how inaccurate your airsoft rifle currently is. Draw cross hairs on the cardboard box to aim at, and take 5 shots at the box. Look at the box, and highlight the holes with a marker.

If you are using iron sights, you need to find how your rifle sights adjust. M4 models have two adjustments on the rear sight, and a vertical adjustment on the front sight. Other models vary on their adjustments to sight them in. Either way, determine where the 5 shots hit, and adjust the rear sights so that they move opposite the direction you want your shots to go.