Umarex H&K G36 Competition Airsoft Rifle

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The Hottest Airsoft gun on the market landed.The all new H&K G36C Competition Series offers both full and semi automatic firing as well as a awesome recoil blowback system. A high torque motor and high-quality polymer fiber body contribute to an overall solid performing gun. The high capacity magazine allows for 400 rounds to go in at once. This is an Officially licensed replica! Don’t be fooled by the immitators! The full metal gears and metal gearbox are powered by an 8.4V NiMH rechargeable battery and charger. (included) These won’t last very long!! Umarex is a leader in airsoft and is making some of the most high quality Airsoft Guns on the airsoft market for a great value.There is no stopping this Airsoft giant!!


Hakkotsu Thunder B CO2 Sound Grenade Flash Bang Great for Indoor Airsoft Play!

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Hakkotsu Thunder B CO2 Flash Bang Sound Grenades Package Kit

Package kit include 12 X Soundflash type shell (Black, Flash Bang Bottle), 1 X Grenade Cap (Grey), 1 X Grenade Cap (Orange), Fire Lever & Safety Pins

New Release Sound Effect Airsoft Simulation Grenade by HAKKOTSU (Hong Kong)

Grenade Features:

The Realism
Our thunder B can be attached to tactical vest or jacket. Its color and shape are very similar to a real grenade used by military force. Its handling, operation and function are also similar to the original one. The more realistic of the bomb, the more fun you will have.

Grenade Safety
Since thunder B does not contain any gun powders, which means you don’t have to worry about the fire harm when it blew up. These insure the safety of the user. However, you still have to beware of its deafening “BANG” which may surprise you.

Grenade Sound Effect
Thunder B create noise level over 130db, it is the noise level of an operating pneumatic drill or a plane flying above your head, be alert when using it.

Grenade Re-usable features
Our Thunder B is reusable. Simply replace the Co2 gas cylinder and the outer shell after use then you can fire again. Installation and Setup procedures are also simple and easy. Please refer to user manual for setup and installation.

Perfect for bombing demonstration during Police,military,Swat training Not harmful in anyway!

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