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Arkham Riots

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Sunday April 22, 2012

11am-8pm | $35 Admission Includes Lunch & Raffle Ticket

The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane, commonly referred to simply as Arkham Asylum, is a psychiatric hospital housing many psychopathic criminals from across Gotham City. One prisoner in particular is an extremely dangerous criminal mastermind known only as The Joker. Due to budget cuts and a recent fire at Gotham City’s Blackgate Prison, many members of the Joker’s gang have been temporarily relocated to Arkham.

One fateful night, the asylum’s security is overridden by The Joker Gang, allowing the Joker to escape and take control of the facility. Law enforcement quickly realizes that these events have been part of the Joker’s plan and that the Joker had bribed a security guard to help him escape and kidnap the Police Commissioner. The Joker threatens to detonate bombs scattered around Gotham City should anyone attempt to enter Arkham. Meanwhile, the rest of the prisoners have escaped their cells and have started a riot within the confines of the asylum. Now, The Gotham City Special Forces has been dispatched into Arkham to control the riot, rescue the Commissioner, and recover the detonators from The Joker before Gotham City is doomed!

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