About The Airsoft Factory

The Airsoft Factory indoor Airsoft Arena and shooting range. Our Airsoft guns are real replica weapons Identical look,feel and weight as real guns but these fire small plastic pellets, giving you the experience and the fun of shooting without the danger. We have a selection of your Hollywood favourites including the M4 assault rifle,Gangster Famous Thompson M1A1 Tommy Gun,M16,Glock,M249 Saw,Desert Eagle,L96 sniper,M14 sniper,9mm,M1911,MP5 Sub Machine Gun,H&K USP,H&K G36,H&K 614,Grande Launchers, and many more from the infamous Call Of Duty Modern Warfare So come shoot it out with friends and Family or even co workers Like your “BOSS” on our real life indoor city and iraq themes or just come to shoot all these awsome replica guns on our Shooting range “target practice” Note this sport doesn’t hurt like Paintball does it is a very safe and fun sport plus we have a the protective gear you will need if you don’t have your own.We here at The Godfather Airsoft Factory promise you the time of your life.There is no place on this earth like this, so come experience the Ultime Thrill of Replica Airsoft Shooting Sports!

Why brag about your kill streaks on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare on a computer  or video game when your can come here and test your skills for real and take home a target sheet to prove it or a video of your in action on the battle field!

We cater to all ages. We also have Nerf Wars for the little ones who can’t play Airsoft.This is a must for your kids next Birthday.If your sick of the same old Birthday party places out there well look no further Nerf Wars is here this action pack fun safe game will have your kids in amazement wanting more they get to play on our Battle Field with Nerf  Guns and Toys.Please Book two weeks in advance.

Don’t forget to stop by Godfather Airsoft for all your Airsoft Guns and Gear needs!!