The all New G-TAC AIRSOFT Batteries by Godfather Airsoft

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THE G-TAC AIRSOFT High Quality 9.6v 1600mah Battery in (NiMH) Constructed of Nickel Metal Hydride, this battery is such a great buy for the Novoice to advanced airsoft players. The chemistry of its construction makes it low maintenance and light on the pocket. The capacity of this battery is 1600 mah, this translates into about 1600 shots before it needs to be recharged. This battery can typically go through 300 charging cycles before losing efficiency and eventually becoming useless for airsoft skirmishing. Also it only requires discharging for the first 8 cycles of use, after that it can be topped off as needed. This battery will fit in most Airsoft Guns crane stocks or hand guard,remember to recycle this battery instead of throwing it in the trash!

Airsoft in NJ

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Airsoft in New Jersey

The Airsoft Factory is the best in NJ AIRSOFT and was developed out of love for the sport. We developed the Airsoft in NJ to put the game in the spotlight for airsoft games in NJ indoor Airsoft. If you have not played we would love to invite you out for a great time with fun people. Airsoft games in NJ are not hard to find anymore The Airsoft Factory is Here. The games are organized and no matter your skill level we encourage you to attend. We sell airsoft equipment for beginners all the way up to the military training equipment.Here at The Airsoft Factory we treat everyone like family We have the best Airsoft in NJ.

As an effort on the part of The Airsoft Factory NJ Airsoft Fields we want  to get you out to play without major cost we  rent uniforms and the best airsoft guns. The rentals are for an entire day of awesome Airsoft fun. We sell goggles that are ANSI Z87.1 required for play on all airsoft fields.Please remember to have all your Airsoft Guns in a gun case when entering and exiting the Factory.
Join our mailing list to get updates on events For all our NJ Airsoft events. We are America’s Ultimate Airsoft Experiance and your only choice for Airsoft in NJ.

Bravo Airsoft Shotguns the official shotgun of The Airsoft Factory NJ Indoor Airsoft Arena

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Bravo Shot guns is the official Airsoft Shotgun of The Airsoft Factory.They are FPS ready at 300 and the quality is unbelievable.These will be on sale the day of the grand opening at the factory.We will be having various pistol & Shotgun games at The Airsoft Factory NJ Indoor Airsoft Arena. You can also buy them on sale on our website Airsoft Shotguns

Nerf Parties is a huge hit make your childs next Party a Nerf Birthday Party we promise you the best Birthday Ever!

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Nerf Wars is a Fan and Safe way to play war games for the young kids that can’t play airsoft.We introduced Nerf Wars in or Flemington location and it has been a HUGE hit ever since! Due to high demand please book at least 2 weeks in advance for private NERF PARTIES we promise you and you child the best Birthday ever with our Famous NERF BIRTHDAY PARTIES.